Camera Shy? Learning How to Relax for Great Wedding Pictures

While weddings are a time of happiness for the soon-to-be married couple, planning the event can be very stressful, with vendors, venues and countless other details to be arranged before the big day arrives. Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention, and all that preparation, planning and anticipation makes being in the spotlight impossible to avoid for weeks if you’re having a small wedding and months if it will be a large event. Added to all that is the prospect of all those wedding pictures to be taken. Yes, San Francisco wedding photography is important and you really want great photos, but having your picture taken has never been your favorite thing to do.

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If you find being photographed a nerve-wracking and uncomfortable experience, first of all, you are not alone. A great many people are camera shy, feeling awkward and uncomfortable when they have photos taken. And, of course, that discomfort will show in your wedding pictures. You’ll likely look quite tense and stiff in your photos if you don’t take some steps to get over your wedding picture jitters. The most important step in getting over that nervous feeling in front of the camera is to find a San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer that you really feel comfortable with. Having a photographer behind the camera that you like can make you feel much more at ease when it is time to have those wedding pictures done.

Once you’ve chosen a photographer that you think you can feel comfortable with, having an engagement session is a very good idea. Why would you do that when photo sessions make you so very uncomfortable? Because building a good working relationship with your photographer is a great way to help yourself feel a lot less nervous and unhappy when you have to pose for your wedding portraits. Engagement sessions are a great way to get to know your wedding photographer, since they are meant to be casual and fun. That less formal atmosphere will help you gain some confidence and poise as you and your soon-to-be spouse learn how to work efficiently with your photographer.

Other things that can help you feel more at ease on your wedding day include making sure you get plenty of sleep in the days leading up to your wedding and that you eat well, especially on the morning of the big day. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid caffeine, since it can contribute to that nervous and shaky feeling. Take deep breaths, relax and remember what this day is all about, the love and commitment you and your intended have for one another. Forget the stress and the camera and immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere of the day.